Syracuse University Students Feature As NextGen Aid Workers

Each summer for the past several years, Syracuse University students have participated in the seminar program, “Current Issues in African Migration,” jointly offered by the International Organization for Migration and SU Abroad.  As part of this project in the summer of 2013, international relations graduate student Benjamin Albert was profiled by IOM’s blog as part of the Next Generation of Aid Workers.

One student completed their internship at the IOM office in Accra. Benjamin was assigned to the counter-trafficking unit and was tasked to assist in the finalization of the forthcoming Child Protection Toolkit, and activities related to the new human trafficking legislation approved by the Ghanaian government; he further drafted an anti-child labour proposal as part of his final project.

“This afternoon was very exciting for me as it marked my first lead on a meeting here at IOM. Come to think of it, it was the first professional, non-academic meeting I have ever run! I led Dyane, Dan and Doris through the updated toolkit and we got some awesome discussions going on the new layout, roll out modules, activities, and discussions questions. I feel so lucky to have these three people as mentors.”

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