Staying in the U.S. after graduation

Many international students inquire about advice on how best to find work opportunities in the U.S. upon completion of their degree program.  In October 2006, the Career and Alumni Services office hosted an alumni panel that provided advice to students seeking to work in the U.S. Below is some of their advice.

  • Use your nationality, language skills as competitive advantage;
  • Educate yourself with the visa process, including legal issues and fees; convince employers that you are worth this cost;
  • Before leaving Maxwell, make yourself relevant to the industry.  For example, come out with skills you can use and generate research that is relevant to your field of interest;
  • To identify relevant skills, get job descriptions from an organization you want to work for—both short-term & long-term positions;
  • Conduct informational interviews to make contacts in the field and learn tips from those who have been there; don’t ask for a job!;
  • It takes an average of 6 months to secure a job after graduation; be proactive and tough; don’t get discouraged!

If you are an international student interested in these opportunity, please go talk with the staff at the Slutzker Center for International Students about Optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training, or Academic Training, as soon as possible.