SU Tools for International Jobs

This post begins a series that will cover a number of online job tools for international positions. However, it is important to remember not to get locked into sorting through postings all the time. Be sure to identify and target organizations which you would really like to work for. Then, watch their own sites for open positions. Most importantly, utilize networking by talking with people within the industry in which you would like to be employed.

This series of posts will cover, 1) SU Tools for International Jobs, 2) Peace, Security, & Conflict Job Sites & Tools, 3) Development, Humanitarian, & Non‑Profit Job Sites & Tools, 4) Miscellaneous Resources for International Work, and 5) Networking Tools.

SU Tools

Maxwell Career Management System
List of open jobs targeted specifically at Maxwell School students and grads. Site also contains contact information for alumni working in hundreds of organizations.Career Management System Logo


Cuse Community
Networking site for all undergraduate and graduate alumni of SU. A great place to connect with alum from nearly any profession.

GPC Listserv: Global Opportunities
E-mail list maintained by the Maxwell Global Programs Coordinator, featuring relevant international opportunities delivered to your SU inbox.

Going Global
SU students get a membership to this site, which they can access through their myslice account. Site contains country guides and thousands of international job listings with a great deal of buy in from the private sector.

A weekly compilation of jobs sent to the Maxwell School from our distinguished alumni.

MCCD Professional Development Guide
Maxwell Center for Career Development’s general guide to everything you need to know about the job hunt.

MCCD Career Field Guides
Here you’ll find a list of guides to careers in areas such as conflict resolution, counterterrorism intelligence, economic development, foreign service, humanitarian aid and relief, international business, international development, international law, national security, United Nations, and many more.

MCCD Career Event Videos
Great archive of past speakers who give you insights and tips to working at their respective international organization, foundation, corporation, etc.

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