Magaribi Lehani Hervé, Al & Legacy in DRC

Al & Legacy is a consulting firm founded by a Congolese economics expert M. Al Kitenge to contribute to the improvement of the “DRC doing business environment “and to enhance the relevance of public-private partnerships in boosting economic growth and inclusion of start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises. Al & Legacy is a well-regarded consulting think tank in analyzing the impact of public policies on the financial and economic growth of the Democratic Republic of Congo and mechanisms to address the challenges of governance. 

Al & Legacy launched the Gouvernix Project to mobilize citizens through a positive participation to open their eyes and ears on how public policies are designed, resources are allocated and managed and why it is worthy to participate and make one’s voice be heard.  

As a graduate student in public diplomacy and as part of my experiential learning last spring semester 2021, I was very interested in this internship at Al & Legacy as an opportunity to share my modest contribution to the mobilization of citizens on issues that matter to the image of the entire Nation: governance. The Nation’s image is something none should joke about. We need to be very sensitive on how the governance issue undermines the reputation of the country and pulls down efforts of economic growth and development.  

My role was to do research on selected topics, collect data, as well as write and share publications to be posted in the project website, where citizens can access them. This exercise enabled me to improve my communication and enhance my analytical skills.  

In the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, governance has been for many years a huge challenge for both public and private sectors.  Every year, the DRC loses millions of dollars due to corruption, mismanagement of resources and lack of transparency in doing business, governing the public sector, and mostly in limiting the citizen’s participation in the control of public managers. 

Both the Maxwell school and Newhouse school are equipping me with the skills, techniques and tools necessary to bring an appreciated added value to this project.   

I feel connected to my country and honored to share my small stone to its building, though I am miles away from it.

Magaribi Lehani Herve is currently finishing his PDGC degree in Washington, DC, while interning at the Center for Civilians in Conflict and Catholic Universities of America’s Office of Military and Veterans Student Services.

Public Diplomacy and Global Communications Program