This Fall semester, I was able to live, work, and study in Washington D.C. through the Maxwell school. This experience was been amazing and I met many new people and found interesting opportunities while living here. I took two academic courses taught by practitioners who are well-known in their fields. One of the best things about these classes however are the guest speakers which have come to class and brought their own expertise to us. This has provided me with networking opportunities as well as a chance to learn about different career paths. 

In addition to these two classes, I was able to get academic credit through a research internship. With the help of my mentor Mark Jacobson, I researched Chinese narratives used in Australia to help further foreign policy goals. I also assisted with a book chapter focusing on narratives of spy-warfare and accusations of biowarfare in the Korean War. This internship allowed me to explore many different avenues of interest including East Asia, foreign policy, and public diplomacy. 

Being in D.C. also allowed me to experience Congressional hearings, explore the many museums, meet new people, attend think tank events, and visit gardens and parks. I never thought that I would be able to live in such a huge, diverse city, but Syracuse has helped achieve this accomplishment. I look forward to seeing how my education at Syracuse will help me succeed in D.C. and help me contribute to making the US a better place.

Caby Styers is an MAIR student who will graduate in December. She previously interned at Vrije Universiteit Brussel under the Korea Chair as part of the European and Global Internship Program in Brussels.

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