Miebi Ifie – Global Mamas

Miebi Ifie hosts a Global Mamas training session
Miebi Ifie hosting a training session
Source: Miebi Ifie

During the summer of 2013, Ms. Miebi Ifie, a dual-degree student in international relations worked in Ghana with Global Mamas as a capacity building and social networking intern.

A nearly ten-year old non-profit, Global Mamas supports women entrepreneurs in Ghana’s Cape Coast region through the development of business and financial management skills, to support Artisanal handicraft production for the domestic and international market.

While at Global Mamas, Miebi worked to improve the operations of several of the Mamas, including those who operate local restaurants, as well as those who weave Batiks for sale both in Ghana and internationally.  Additionally, she developed and implemented curriculum for the organization’s training programs, and improved their workshop delivery and evaluation processes.

Miebi was featured at several points during the short film, Global Mamas: A Decade of Prosperity.