Op-Ed: US Policy in Egypt Inconsistent and Counterproductive

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Al Nakhlah is the Fletcher School’s Online Journal on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization
Source: fletcher.tufts.edu

On November 24, 2013, Maxwell students Seth Binder (MAIR ’13) and Amrou Kotb (MPA/IR ’14) published an opinion piece titled “US Policy in Egypt Inconsistent and Counterproductive” in Al Nakhlah, The Fletcher School’s online journal of Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization.

In the piece, the authors explore how inconsistencies in American policy towards Egypt have made that country’s transition more challenging and impacted American positions in the region.  Read the whole piece at alnakhlah.org/2013/11/24/op-ed-us-policy-in-egypt-inconsistent-and-counterproductive-by-seth-binder-and-amrou-kotb/.